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We know that it can be hard to keep coming up with fun and interesting things to keep the children entertained at home, so we've gathered together some of our favourite activities for children aged 5 to 11 in order to share them with you in our new Home Activities Hub. Take a look at:

More activity resources and ideas coming soon so do check back!

Note that our activities are aimed at children of primary school age. Some may also be suitable for pre-school children with minor adjustments, but this is at your own discretion as the activities may include elements which are not appropriate for young children such as small parts, hot surfaces or substances that need treating with caution.


Quick and Easy collection

These activities are quick and easy to set up, and/or use materials you that you are likely to already have around the home:

Caterpillar racersCaterpillar racers
Making these caterpillars is so easy that all the children can do it, but the best bit comes when you race them across the table afterwards. A really quick and entertaining activity to brighten a dull afternoon!



Bubble snakesBubble snakes
This is a good activity to do outside with the kids. Making the bubble blowers is very straightforward and afterwards the children can have loads of fun seeing who can create the longest bubble snake. For more entertainment value you can try adding a little food colouring to the bubble mixture to create coloured snakes.


 Ancient scrollsAncient scrolls 
We've been experimenting with creating mysterious ancient scrolls. Cold tea and judicious distressing of the paper give them an authentic ancient feel, then the children can use them for treasure maps, secret messages or even ancient curses! They had lots of fun with this one - but you do need to be able to dry lots of damp sheets of paper overnight. And you can seal your scrolls using real wax seals.


Paperplate challengePaper plate challenge
This is a great activity for a group of tired children (or adults), when the weather is rubbish and everyone is feeling a little bit miserable. Needs nothing more than some cheap paper plates and some felt pens. Guaranteed to improve the mood! 



Woollen flowersWoollen bouquets
Set the children to work making loads of flowers with this lovely spring craft, which uses just wool and pipecleaners (and a fork!) Wrap up a bunch with a ribbon to create a pretty gift bouquet.



Cute paper monsterPaper monsters
This activity is so simple and uses the most basic of supplies (just paper and pens), but it really engages the children's imaginations coming up with new ideas for misleading-looking monsters.



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Alternative Festivals Calendar

Looking for more ideas for activities? Check out our calendar of unusual and unconventional festivals, each with a suggested themed activity, for fresh ideas throughout the year.
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